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It all started with a picture...

11 December 2017

Perhaps it's safe to say everything started with this photo... we were on holiday and we saw a beautiful sunset.. the sun sinking into the horizon, bathing us in gentle tones, the sky turned an indescribable colour, reflected in the turquoise of the sea. It was beautiful. I was standing there, with my two children in my arms, the greatest joys of my life, and I remember thinking that this could not be captured.

And I was right.. it goes without saying that the humid air and running into and out of the sea started to have its effect on the camera, and of course the lens got fogged up, so every photo came out blurry, exactly as in this indescribable moment. As I said, it was beyond capture.. I was very sad of course that we couldn't take a picture of this moment the way I would have liked. Whenever I look at this picture, I imagine the lights and the colours as they were in that moment. But maybe this was what put me on the path I am on now. It encouraged me to give up the world of investment, in which I worked, after having obtained a degree in economics, to pursue an entirely new, and different path. I, who hate change. But I am filled with motivation, with enthusiasm, with the desire to learn. And I think this is very important.

My goal is to learn photography, as a profession, as a technique, as a way of living, as an art form, with all the bumps that may come along the way. I am standing at the beginning of the road with humility and enthusiasm. I have to thank my husband for all his support and encouragement, for giving me the technical means to beging this journey. I have to thank my children for their love and for inspiring me. I hope that my journey will be filled with happy moments, and at the end of it, I will look back with satisfaction, and think, yes, making this change in my life was worth it, and yes, I could finally capture what I wanted, the way I wanted, creating time capsule that can live on through eternity through my photos.