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About me

Create-You byXeniaTM 

The "Create-You byXeniaTM" concept is centred on the belief that the human eye enjoys priority over technique and the lens of the camera. If you would like to capture photos of you, your family, or business arrangements, you can become more involved in the creative process, rather than simply being the model and the client, With my help, you can be part of the experience. "Create-You byXeniaTM" aims to immerse you in the joy of the occasion.

About me

Xenia. Economist, woman, wife, mother and artistic photographer. Photography for me is fulfilment; when I am fosused solely on what I am seeing. Photography for me is the capturing of the beauty of the nature and reality. seizing the moment.


The name "Xenia" originates from ancient times, it was the gift given to guests. This photo is my gift to you. I am capturing this moment for you as I see it, as I see you. This is 'ligth calligraphy". I am projecting the present to encapsulate the special moments of the life you have created. To allow you to look back at the past with love and pride.